Keeping Your Water Heater Running Smoothly: Essential Maintenance Tips

Hello, dear friends and neighbors in Lemont, IL! We’re the team at Demmis Plumbing, your local experts in making sure your home’s plumbing is in tip-top shape. Today, we’re diving into a topic that affects us all but often goes unnoticed until it’s too late – your water heater. Yes, that humble appliance working tirelessly in the background deserves some spotlight and care to keep your showers warm and your dishes clean without a hitch. Let’s talk about the essentials of water heater maintenance and why it’s crucial for your peace of mind and your pocket.

Water Heater maintenance

The Importance of Regular Water Heater Maintenance

First things first, let’s chat about why regular water heater maintenance is a must. Just like any other major appliance, your water heater suffers from wear and tear over time. Sediment builds up, components wear out, and without a little TLC, you could be facing a cold shower and a hefty replacement bill. Regular maintenance helps prevent unexpected breakdowns, extends the lifespan of your water heater, and ensures it runs efficiently, saving you money on energy bills.

DIY Water Heater Maintenance: A Step-by-Step Guide

Feeling handy? There are a few maintenance tasks you can tackle to keep your water heater in good shape. Here’s a simple guide to follow:

  1. Flushing the Tank: Over time, sediment builds up at the bottom of your water heater tank, reducing its efficiency and potentially causing damage. Flushing the tank annually helps to clear out this sediment. Simply turn off the power to the water heater, connect a garden hose to the tank’s drain valve, and let the water run until it’s clear.
  2. Checking the Pressure Relief Valve: This valve is crucial for safety, releasing pressure if it gets too high inside the tank. To check it, simply lift the valve’s lever and let it snap back. You should hear a gurgling sound as water is released into the drain tube. If not, it might be time to replace the valve.
  3. Inspecting for Leaks: Periodically inspect your water heater for leaks or signs of corrosion on the tank and inlets/outlets. Catching leaks early can prevent water damage and potential mold issues.

Safety First!

While DIY maintenance can be straightforward, safety is paramount. Always turn off the power to an electric water heater or the gas supply to a gas heater before performing any maintenance. If you’re not comfortable performing these tasks or encounter any issues, it’s best to call in the pros.

When to Call Demmis Plumbing

Sometimes, maintenance uncovers problems that require professional attention. Whether it’s a malfunctioning element, a leak you can’t pinpoint, or just routine service, our team at Demmis Plumbing is here to help. We’ve got the expertise to ensure your water heater is operating safely and efficiently. Plus, if you’re considering an upgrade, we can guide you through the options, from traditional tank heaters to modern tankless models.

In closing, remember that a little attention goes a long way in extending the life of your water heater and ensuring it provides you with hot water when you need it most. If you’re in Lemont or the surrounding areas and need assistance with your water heater or any other plumbing needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Here at Demmis Plumbing, we’re committed to providing you with quality service and peace of mind. Stay warm, stay safe, and remember, we’re just a call away!

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